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Transit Reading (Rabbit Year 2023)

2023 兔年 :流年运

Since schooling times, we have been told to always have plans.


Afterall, if you "fail to plan, you plan to fail ".


So be it a S.M.A.R.T plan, a F.I.R.E plan, a long/medium/short/10 year/5year/6months term life plan, planning is of utmost importance, and everyone has to have it.


Getting your Transit reading (yearly luck) done is to help you navigate the rough seas and maximize the opportunities coming your way in the next 365 days.  It is about raising your optics. It is about controlling the trajectory of your life.


When you travel in foreign land, for weeks and months, you'd spend some time navigating using a guide/Google Map, and you feel much assured and safer.


So why would you spend the next (and many) 365 days of your life, without a map (guide/manual)?

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