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Transit Reading 2023: Basic
流年运 (基本)

*Simple, easy-to-read, all at 1 glance!*

Once you're signed up for this, await for your highly personalized report written by our Coaches, with reference to your unique Date Of Birth.


Applied modalities - Western Astrology and Bazi:


#1 Identify sources of your troubles

#2 Check for the presence of NobleMan

#3 Is there any luck at all?

#4 Propose solutions

#5 Check for opportunities

#6 Check for stress points (clashes etc)

Includes a 30 minute zoom call for clarification, if needed.

For the next 365 days, should you encounter a situation you need help with, top up just S$300 (instead of the usual S$688) for an additional 1-hour private consultation.

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