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Client's testimonial

Troubled client seeking for help and happy with outcome.

Chaldean Numerology


Numerology is just as interesting as any other modality and just like any other modality, there are many different "takes". On 7th Nov 2021, Master Coach Esther talked a good 4 hours on Numerology using the Chaldean system, which is uncommon because it is difficult to master but is loved for its accuracy. For more free sharing, stay tuned to our FB!

Manuela Macovei, Romania


“That was amazing 🤩 thanks for organising it. You make things easy to learn, we go with the flow and loved everyone's interaction and sharing. Can't wait for our next one 💕💕


Thanks again for another great meeting 🙏 you are a lifesaver 👏💛 even though I'm not a newbie, I still learn amazing, useful things from Esther.


I'll apply straightaway what I've learned e.g how to cope with my challenging moody teenager 😬. I love how there is no question unanswered, no confusion 👏👏👏 I'll definitely stick with you. Looking forward to learning more 🙏❤️”

“Esther is generous in sharing her vast knowledge and even just snippets of it could make significant changes in your life because she pays attention to your needs.”

 LeeAnne, Singapore

2021-01-24 12.59.00.jpg

Chengs Cshita, Paris


Definitely interesting as esther injected her session with lots humours and added with own true life experiences sharing🙏

Instantly applied the placement tips u gave. For eg: tapping on someone's yan nian if u wanna influence him/her. Awesome session and we could see enthusiastic faces and hear laughter (for those who off video sharing) During the session!🤣


Esther made u feel comfortable as she is easy to talk with, straight to the point with no sugar coated advice! she has a big heart of love and chockingly full of wisdom to share. Esther never fails to avoid answering any questions posed by the group. her answers are insightful, constructive and easy to apply. still unsure how to plot the 24 mountains template via soft copy. will do so as hard copy. language- she spoke fluently in English at the right pace and tone. she is patient with my queries even when I don't get it and asked a couple of times to affirm it.


Definitely! Her accurate and detailed sharing left me feeling optimistic. I achieved better clarity of my situation through the session. The postive vibes of everyone in the session! The instant application of tapping into our right direction.👍💓Thank you for your time and amazing energy 🌈😇🙏”

“Dear Esther, thank you very much for your session yesterday.
I am new to the group and I am very happy to be a part of it.


The session was very interesting and, above all, very understandable.
Direct examples and implementation suggestions make the theory much easier. 
I found
you very humorous and funny from the start. You infect the participants with a lot of joy!


Esther always answered directly and I learned something new from every question
that was answered. It was always a wow ... ohh ... effect. 
The language is definitely very understandable and fluent. It's fun listening to her. I will definitely continue to watch
the session and look forward to the next one. I would like to learn more about
networking and business, relationships and health from a bazi chart perspective.


I am like a sponge and curiously soak up everything. I like your easy going manner and your energy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and valuable time with us !! ❤️🌹”

Lotte Lise, UK

2021-04-17 15.21.42.jpg


“For the past 15 years, I invested a huge sum engaging different masters to help my life or Fengshui be better. But they never tell me the complete things just like you. I really appreciate that this year we met!”

“Esther is very experienced in personal birth chart reading.
I am more confident in making life decisions based on the
birth chart information. Keep up the good work!”

Charlene, Singapore


Julyn, Singapore

2021-04-17 14.41.30.jpg

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