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Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

*Try once, and you'll be amazed at what your reading tells you*

Are you looking for insights into an emotional situation in your relationship to improve it? Or to heal an aching heart? 


Tarot cards are mostly used for getting a “feel” about the situation so that the Querent (that would be you, the client) can have a better understanding of what he (or she) is currently experiencing. 


A Tarot spread is pretty much “now” and for long term solutions, so you may also want to consider Bazi or Astrology or Qi Men for deeper insights. A Tarot spread is useful for getting insights into the emotional state.


If you are looking for love, a Bazi session is highly recommended. 


In a Tarot session, these are some ways we can phrase your questions.


  1. What is the lesson for me, from this relationship / from my break-up?

  2. What is holding me back / what is causing emotional blockage in my relationship?

  3. How do I put the ‘zing’ back in my relationship? What is next in my love life?

    More advices will be given during your consultation.

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