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Essential Feng Shui

4 sessions of 3 to 4 hours each

  • 888 Singapore dollars
  • Online Session

What to Expect

Achieve your life’s goals with Feng Shui! It is a tool that helps with engineering your luck, brining you closer at every moment. Topics covered: · Understanding Qi · San He / San Yuan · 4 Factors · Cycle of Production / Weakening / Countering · How to fly the star · How to read a flyer star chart · How to determine building facing + taking a reading · External form first o Luo Shu (Later Heaven) o Direct-Indirect Spirit o Water and Feng Shui · Internal form o He Tu (Early Heaven) o The internals are important o Sectors that must not be missing o Directions and people represented by the Gua · Different formations of the flying stars o Double stars at facing o Double stars at sitting o Up mountain, down river o Prosperous facing, prosperous sitting o Combo 10 o Pearl string formation o Parent’s string formation · Converting Period 8 property into Period 9 · Forcing / Making someone change · Death & Emptiness · Using the “home base” star · Recommended reading material · The 9 stars and what they represent · Auxilliary stars · Fixing direct spirit using home base · Health issues · Activation methods · Host-Guest Theories · Applications for wealth / health / relationships


+65 8679 5889

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