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Birth Stars Astro

4 sessions x 3.5 hours

  • 388 Singapore dollars
  • Online Session

What to Expect

There is more to Astrology, than just your Sun sign! It’s a very powerful tool that allows you to understand your mental landscape and thus unleashing your potential. We don’t just hop onto a plane without planning for our holiday – why would you live your life without a plan? In this workshop, we look at raising your optic levels so that you can make informed decisions about your life, so that you can plan. Join us in this workshop and gain insights into your life purpose! Topics covered: · The 12 signs and sign-age. · The Elements (FEAW), The Qualities (CFM) and Polarity (Yin vs Yang) · The 4 quadrants · Which sign governs the 12 houses · The 8 planets, 2 luminaries and asteroids. · Aspects · The representations of the 12 houses · Keywords for planets You will learn: · Stay or migrate · Be in business or be an employee · Study patterns (adults and children) · Romance patterns ~ What men and women want in a romance. · About your spouse ~ romance patterns, physical description, conditions of marriage, your relationship with the in-laws · Divorce charts – and the financial impact · The next generation – reproduction and your relationship with the offspring · Health, finances and vocation · Emotional intensity and how it affects your relationships · The moon and the best time to set goals · What kind of friend are you? · Planets and health · You like coffee, I like tea · Who’s the “Mama’s boy”? · Who’s the soft core gigolo? · Bonus: How to read a transit (Swipe left to see more photos)


+65 8679 5889

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