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Chess Game

Fa Qi Men

*Useful for daily life* 


Upcoming class

2022 Dates TO BE ADVISED

Saturday & Sunday

2pm to 6:30pm

Class Fee: To Be Announced

As this is a Live Class, to ensure that every student learns well in depth, there are limited seats. Do sign up ASAP to secure your spot.

If you have been wanting to generate more dynamic results from your sales efforts, or if you have been wanting an advantage over others in the material world, there are quite a number of things you can do with Qi Men.


For example:

  • Creating luck – picking auspicious times for your activity

  • Putting the opponent at a disadvantage – the right sitting position to win

  • Choosing the right room to be seated in (if able to)

  • Climatic predictions

  • Mantras for various applications – getting a car park lot, protection from wild animals, hiding from stalkers etc.

You'll receive:

  • Complete notes (weekly)

  • Unique link to replay video

  • 1-to-1 question & answer during class

  • Members-only access to additional resources and sharing

  • Batch-mates support group

  • Personal direct contact with Coach for questions after/before class

Actual class in Zoom (2021 Sept)


Learn to recognise and read Classic Chinese Qi Men chart


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