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Live Classes

(due to COVID-19, classes will be held on ZOOM)

Learn best when you get direct advice from the Coaches during our Live Classes! As our classes are curated for small groups, you can be sure that we make learning fun, interesting and engaging for you! Feel free to have your questions listed down and go through with us. We're content-rich, not "number of lessons" reach.

Frequently-Asked-Questions 常见问题

I'm overwhelmed! Why are there so many to choose from? 好多选择,为什么?

Indeed, the number of modalities BEING offers is quite a feat. 

Each of the modality has its own strengths and weaknesses, for instance, by reading your Bazi chart, we can see some potential issues, and perhaps that's all your Bazi offers; only problems and no solutions.
Fret not because here at BEING, we're problem solvers, we take it to another level and provide solutions to your problems. Which is why we are trained in a number of modalities, so we can advise you the best.



How do I know what's the best for me? 那么,我该选哪个?

Truth be told, there is no "best" for anyone. The best is ... if you heard of any or have some keen interest in. Else, please read next point in line...


Can I speak to someone and get help/recommendation? 有没有人可帮帮我?

Yes surely! We understand it can be difficult to choose when you aren't fully sure what the different modality does. This is why we're here, please reach out to us at the following and be assured that a team member will contact you within the next 2 working days.


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