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General Life Reading: Basic

*Great for starters!*

It includes the use of Bazi, Western Astrology and Numerology.

The aim for this consult, is to give you an overview of your astrology chart and your bazi chart.  The information shared, is generic in nature and is not sufficient for you to be making major or life changing decisions.


Scope includes:

#1 Identifying potential problems
#2 Where to focus in your life
#3 Where your luck comes from

#4 What is your bazi’s Useful God

#5 Insights into your Souls’ journey


How this works: You receive a written report and have a week to read it through – at the point of receiving your report, you will be given an appointment for 1 week later for a 30 minute ZOOM meeting. 

Please do write down your questions, as you read your report -
this is to ensure our ZOOM session is productive and beneficial for you.

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