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Image by Nilantha Sanjeewa

General Life Consulting

When planning for a holiday, you spend time picking a destination, read up about it, familiarise with local customs, the do’s and don’ts … you put in much effort to ensure you squeeze every ounce of joy possible, from your trip – of course, you want to maximize your returns (memories / explorations etc) from your time there.


So why don’t you do the same when it comes to planning for your life?

When we buy equipment/appliances, it comes with an instruction booklet. 

But when we were born, we didn’t come with one! (Or did we???)


This is where metaphysics comes in – we were all born with a birth chart.  Whether you are a man or woman, or a beloved animal companion, we all have a birth chart – and that is our manual.  But the average layman does not know how to read this manual and that’s what Team BEING is here for.

We can read your chart for you or you can choose to learn to read it for yourself. 

We strongly recommend you begin on the learning journey as soon as possible –

would you rather be the driver or be a back-seat driver? 

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