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"Should I get my property Feng Shui audited?"


First question we would ask you, is what do you want?

Are you happy with what you have right now? And if not contented, and you want more, then it is time to apply Feng Shui to engineer your luck. Nothing in life happens “by chance”. It is about being prepared (knowing your Bazi) and being in the right place (Feng Shui), at the right time (Date Selection / Qi Men).

Before moving in to your property, get it audited at least once – we call this the “Natal Audit”. Thereafter, it should be re-audited (or “adjusted) every year – at this point, we strongly encourage that you join our Feng Shui classes as it is more empowering.

Sometimes, people move into a property as a small family unit and as time passes, the family unit grows and thus. Feng Shui needs to be adjusted to fit with changing needs.


The Feng Shui stars move every year (actually, every day even) and it interacts with the Natal (fixed) Feng Shui stars to create an event or result, in our lives.  Of course, this has to be managed. 

Real life scenario 1
An elderly mother had to change bedrooms to avoid being in the Sickness Sector (South, star 2, 2020).  She didn’t need to move her all stuff over, instead, she just needs to sleep and spend more time in the newly assigned bedroom.  

However, it does not make sense to leave a room empty just because it’s a Star 2! Hence, a younger family member who is  less susceptible to the sickness star took up that room.

Real life scenario 2

A client occupies her master bedroom, which is her “Jue Ming” sector.  Unless you are an extremist, you should try to avoid using your “Jue Ming” sector (or, avoid using it for too long). The “Jue Ming” sector implies “total loss” – which could mean physical, financial, emotional and so on. She experienced many unhappiness while sleeping in that room and decided to change bedroom after 8 years. Since then her life has been more smooth sailing and she became happier too.


Scope of work done in an audit

#1 Determining the property’s facing

#2 Flying the stars

#3 Checking to see which bedroom is the best one for a study room or home office

#4 Allocation of bedroom for each family member

#5 Determining the “Duke” sector for each member

#6 Demarcating the “6 clash” sector – avoid using

#7 Marking out the peach blossom and nobleman sectors for the heads of the household

#8 Assisting with bed’s headboard direction

#9 Assessing kitchen’s flying stars and stove

#10 Determining the “money” sector of the property

#11 Controlling the sickness and accident stars

#12 Finding the good Qi and tapping them

#13 Activation of the “Direct-Indirect Wealth Spirit” (if applicable)

#14 Selection of a move-in date (if new purchase)

#15 Date selection for all renovation work included

Note: Does not include working on the annual Feng Shui stars

For houses not in Singapore - You'll need to send in FLOOR PLAN and have a compass ready. Consultation CAN be done over Zoom.

Fee: Call to find out
Different properties / sizes = different rates

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