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Feng Shui Consultation
Buying Properties

*Highly sought-after service!* 

Buying a property?

A property is not a cheap investment and surely it is worthy of a Feng Shui assessment before you spring your hard-earned money for it?


For starters, here’s a tip ~ do not purchase any Period 8 property that is Southeast or Northwest facing because star 9 is trapped in the center and you cannot access it. In Period 9, star 9 is the star with the reigning power (the ruling King, so to speak).


Anyone purchasing a condo unit, seems to prefer the living room window to be facing the swimming pool – is this good or bad? It depends on whether the pool is in the right direction, with reference to the desired property.


Some lament that it is troublesome to use Feng Shui in the selection of a property for purchase but what if you can secure a property that boosts your career, enhances marital relations and support your offspring’s development?


Investing in a property that is “Period 9 compliant” is an investment, that is worthwhile!

Fee: Call to find out
Different house sizes / type of property / commercial = different rates

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