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Introduction to Astrology

There is more to Astrology, than just your Sun sign (the commonly read type of Zodiac)!


Understand your mental landscape to unleash your potential. If you're not happy with what Life has given you thus far, do something about it! Learn more about YOURSELF and do MORE for YOURSELF. 

*Interesting and fun-filled class!* 


Upcoming class:

16th January 2022 - SUNDAY
10am to 6pm

(Lunch 12:30pm to 1:30pm)

7 hours of fun learning together!

Class Fee: To Be Announced

As this is a Live Class, to ensure that every student learns well in depth, there are limited seats. Do sign up ASAP to secure your spot.

You'll learn:

  • Introduction to the 12 astrology signs

  • Simple yet accurate way to read a person fast

  • CFM (The qualities) / FEAW (The elements) / Yin or Yang (The Polarities)

  • The 12 signs and the ruling planets

  • Exercise 1: Stay or Go? (Migration)

  • Exercise 2: Employee or Employer? (Business)

  • Saturn, the shit stirrer (What to do if you have this?)

  • North Node, the solution provider​ (Where can you find yours?)

You'll receive:

  • Complete notes (weekly)

  • Unique link to replay video

  • 1-to-1 question & answer during class

  • Members-only access to additional resources and sharing

  • Batch-mates support group

  • Personal direct contact with Coach for questions after/before class

Actual class in Zoom (2021 May)

Learn to recognise and analyse the Western Astrology chart

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