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Feng Shui

*Methods taught are very applicable for your own place!*


Upcoming class:
To be confirmed.
4 x Saturdays

2:30pm to 6:30pm

Class Fee: To Be Announced

As this is a Live Class, to ensure that every student learns well in depth, there are limited seats. Do sign up ASAP to secure your spot.

Uncover these topics:

1. Introduction to the modalities
     (San He / San Yuan / XKFX)

2. What is Life Gua?

3. The 8 Mansions and how to use it

4. Cycle of Production / Weakening / Countering

5. Flying the stars

6. How to read a flying star chart

7. Direct-Indirect Spirit

8. Determining building facing

9. Introduction to the Luo Shu and He Tu

10. Important areas of a property
      (where good stars ideally are)

11. Directions and elements
represented by your Life Gua


12.Flying star formations

  • double star facing

  • double star sitting

  • up mountain and down river

  • prosperous facing, prosperous sitting

  • combo 10

  • pearl string

  • parent’s string

13. Converting Period 8 property into Period 9

14. DE

15. Attributes of the 9 stars

16. The 81-combi key points

17. Auxiliary stars – Great Sun / Dragon Virtue / Personal Grand Duke / 3 killings

18.  Health

  • 8 directions and health

  • Stars and health

19. Host and guest

  • Wealth

  • Health and relationships

You'll receive:

  • Complete notes (weekly)

  • Unique link to replay video

  • 1-to-1 question & answer during class

  • Members-only access to additional resources and sharing

  • Batch-mates support group

  • Personal direct contact with Coach for questions after/before class

Screengrab from YouTube replay video - Actual class in Zoom 2021

Flying stars for 2022, what do these mean for you/your home?

Photo from student, after lesson, student customised and cover stove, things improve greatly after!

You can apply Feng Shui in office too!

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