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Bazi Basic

*Back by popular demand* 


Upcoming class in 2022

23rd & 30th April
7th, 14th, 21st, 28th May
4th & 11thJune

8 x Saturdays

2:30pm to 6:30pm

Class Fee: To Be Announced

As this is a Live Class, to ensure that every student learns well in depth, there are limited seats. Do sign up ASAP to secure your spot.

Take charge of your life and mold your journey as you acquire the skills necessary to read Bazi charts

Topics covered over 8 classes:

  • Introduction to Bazi

  • Heavenly Stem combinations

  • Heavenly Stem clashes

  • Earthly Branch combinations

  • Earthly Branch clashes

  • Yin vs Yang

  • Strength of DM
    (born in / out of season; rootedness)

  • Suicide / depression

  • Vocations of each element and application

  • The 12 phases

  • The 12 phases in the 4 pillars

  • Flower of Bath

  • Death / Grave / Burial stage in the 12 phases

  • Symbolic stars

  • Health / accidents / surgery

  • Life span / death

  • Health (weight management / vision / back pain/ indigestion and stomach issues / skin issues)

  • Sexual patterns and the 5 elements

  • Fan Yin / Fu Yin / more on the Nobleman

  • Petty people etc

  • Spirituality formations

  • Heavenly Stems vs Astrology planets

You'll receive:

  • Complete notes (weekly)

  • Unique link to replay video

  • 1-to-1 question & answer during class

  • Members-only access to additional resources and sharing

  • Batch-mates support group

  • Personal direct contact with Coach for questions after/before class

Actual class in Zoom (2021 July - 2nd and last run of the year)


Learn to recognise and read Classic Chinese Bazi chart


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