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Bazi 八字

So what can Metaphysics (be it Western Astrology or Chinese Bazi) do for us? A personal chart shows us our mindset, characteristics, our approaches to life.

It shows us our challenges, our talents/gifts, our potentials as well as our lucky periods. It is not about buying a "lucky ring" or wearing a "lucky colour".

It is about the "Art of Timing". Learn to read charts, from there, you will be able to control and direct your life trajectory!

Consider these, would you like it if:

  • You can know when your Wealth/Rich period is and potential opportunities

  • You can be aware of your romance luck period, and understand why your past relationships didn't work out, so your future ones will be successful?

  • You can get an inkling of your potential marriage life in the future, the number of marriages you may have and avoiding unhappy marriage problems that may arise

  • Knowing your good luck period so you are better prepared to take advantage, and stay low during times of poor luck?

  • You can be aware of your potential health problems, and as such, make changes to your lifestyle and diet to reduce chances of it happening.

  • You can discover your natural talents, personalities and hidden potentials, thereafter tapping on them to achieve greater wealth, success and happiness?

  • Do you want to know if you are the entrepreneur or employee type, and if you are suitable to form a partnership to start a business?

If your answer is “Oh yes that's good”, then surely picking up these classes will equip you with the necessary knowledge to do that reading for yourself and your loved ones.

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