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The way of being. Humans BEing.
The meaning of BEING is simply, the act of becoming.


Purple is the result of mixing primary colours red and blue, representing fire and water - where people say clash or disharmonious, we prefer to call it a creation. Team BEING is a group of problem solvers coming together. To merely tell you what your life holds, is a service given by regular practitioners, and here at BEING, we give you more than that.

The strength of team BEING is that we focus on creations and ideations, not problems. We analyse what you've been blessed with, then we work with what you have. With our solutions, you are well on your way to becoming the person you want to be.

Meet the Team 介绍

Master Coach Esther Teh

Astrologer, FengShui Period 9 Specialist, Life Coach, A Mum and a Dog Lover

Esther has been in this line for 30 over years and has been living a
fusion of Western Astrology and Chinese Fengshui.​

Meet ET.png

Her clients' portfolio includes corporations and individuals who come from all walks of life -
professionals, administrative staff, business owners, homemakers and students.

She has written for various magazines namely Get That, i-mart, EzyHealth, Expat Living,
Shape Magazine, Millionaire Asia Club and many others. She has also been interviewed by TODAY,
Shin Minh News, Spanish newspapers and much more. 

She has also worked in partnership with Club Med, Asia Works, Polish Diva,
Sexpo Singapore, Shaw Brothers, Wing Tai, Ladies Affairs (Power98 FM) and many others.

Coach Hanshi

Hanshi ignited her sparks in Eastern and Western metaphysics as a hobby years ago under Esther Teh's guidance. Soft-spoken, demure and genuine, Hanshi is committed to providing quality Fengshui consultations, in view of helping individuals better their life through 
everyday application.

Coach Huat
A veteran entrepreneur 
with strong interest in Metaphysics since young. Uses BaZi and QiMen as his beacon of light during his darkest hours. Consistently honing skills and knowledge where BaZi, QiMen and Western Astrology is concerned.

Creator of

Coach Ting
An educator, big-time dog lover, a Pokémon fan, a foodie... Coach Ting is highly diversified, which is what makes talking to her so interesting and humourous. Don't be fooled though, she's all serious when it comes to reading your Bazi & Numbers, it's her thing!

Interview (Successpedia Asia) 采访

Screenshot 2021-06-07 at 2.59.24 PM.png

My journey in metaphysics began back when I was jobless for about 2 years (after retrenchment) and funds were getting very low, despite being fortunate enough to have a male Taurus boss (he gave me a very nice retrenchment package).


The property we were living in....

Watch Esther share more personally in this video interview, click now to view!

  " It's about using what you have, to create the results you want. "

- Esther Teh (2020)

Printed articles
(Magazines & newspapers)

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